Slava Mjod

Graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in the Fine Arts and Filmmaking. Upon graduation, Slava underwent additional training in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then, he has worked successfully in a film studio resulting in the production of 4 animated movies with high accolade.

He launched his professional career in 1982 by exhibiting solo in prominent European art galleries.

Slava is currently the owner of art galleries within diverse locations of Stockholm, Tallinn, Bonn and a representative office in New York City. His paintings are on prominent display in many private galleries and collections throughout the world.

His current clientele includes government officials and Hollywood stars such as US Senator, Sylvester Stallone and ‘Eagles’ rock-band. In Bonn, he was decorating a theater play dedicated to Beethoven’s anniversary.

Slava lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.