Welcome to the personal website of watercolor and oil artist Slava Mjod!

Slava is a very talented artist and owner of several galleries in Europe and United States.

He likes painting in the open space creating spontaneous art. In this series, Stockholm is the city of his choice. He captures the movement of the environment by using the brush in fast tempo creating optical effects that give us a similar feeling to the one we have when we experience the actual environment. Slava does not focus on the details. It is the first sight feeling, which is the most important to him. The simplicity of the shapes in all the objects gives us the feeling of movement, maybe he same movement that comes with city life.

But he does not confine himself to just this type of art. Slava also realizes his talent in portraits, animation and creative arts.

This website will help you to learn more about Slava Mjod and meet his works of art.